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We’re Professionals in the Garage Door Service Industry

When you choose to work with Overhead Door Company of Santa Fe, you’re choosing to work with real professionals in the garage door service industry.

I dealt with customer representative Angela M. and installer George A. They both provided excellent service. Angela explained the different products available and the advantages of each, and went out of her way to schedule a satisfactory installation date… where George also explained his installation process and after installation he showed me what he had done. It looked great! It was nice to work with such professionals, they made me feel comfortable from the get go…because of this I will recommend this company to my friends, neighbors and family. Good Job Angela and George!!!

— Richard, Santa Fe

Good customer service is a hallmark of our business. In addition to being knowledgeable about what garage door product or service you may need, our employees are respectful of your time and choice to invite us to your home.

Signs of Garage Door Problems

  • You hear noises like popping, squeaking or screeching
  • The door shakes when it closes
  • The garage door bounces back open and doesn’t stay closed
  • You have to push the opener button continuously to close the door

If your garage door is broken or giving you signs of trouble, contact us!